GIDS Light Weight Combat Helmet (LWCH) while protecting the user from bullets & fragments also provides the wearing comfort due to balanced weight distribution, which does not impede the performance of the soldier.

The construction of the inner suspension system ensures that a gap is always present between the head & the shell, which minimizes the effect of blunt trauma experienced by the soldier. It includes an adjustable headband and a comfortable chinstrap assembly.

The Helmet is relatively light weight and provides maximum comfort, mobility and protection in its class.

Parameters Technical specifications
Weight (grams) Small: 1,450 / Medium: 1,500 / Large 1,550
Material Aramid Bound in a Thermoset Matrix
Protection Level NIJ Level II Std 0106.01 (9mm, FMJ) V50 (17 gr FSP;500m/sec)
Colour Any Shade as Per User Requirement
Size Small, Medium & Large
Design PASGT
Suspension Attachment Bolted
Magnetic Effect None
Compatibility Compatible with all Communication & Vision Devices

A highly sensitive metal detector for effective detection of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.

A device to produce high intensity illumination and loud bang which causes temporary disorientation and incapacition of persons. It is non lethal and does not contain explosive material. No fragments are produced after initiation. Avaliable in single bang and six bangs versions.

Single Bang
Illumination intensity 1.3-1.5 Mcp
Sound intensity 170-180 dbs (approx)
Delay time 1.5-2 second
Total weight 230g (approx)
Diameter 51.50 mm
Lenght 165 mm
Six Bang
Illumination intensity Up to 1.5 Mcp
Sound intensity 170-180 dbs (approx)
Delay time 1.5-2 Second
Total weight 530 g (approx)
Diameter 40 mm
Lenght 18 mm
Function time 3-4 Sec

Contains CS composition and is used for riot control by the law enforcing agencies, using 38mm Tear Gas Gun. The parameters and its characteristics conform to international standards. Aluminum cased payload enclosed in plastic casting.

Calibre 37/38 mm
Range (long) 137 m (iS5o0yards)
Range (small) 68 m (75 yards)
Discharge Time 35 Sec. (Plus)
Shelf Life 4 years
Length 140mm
Weight 150 -160g

Anon lethal hand throw grenade used for riot control. Produces white fumes of CS cause severe iritation of respiratory track, burning pain in nose and burning sensation in eyes etc.

Used to release a very dense cloud of smoke to fill the surrounding area to military unit such as infantry tanks air crafts and ships etc. Used for anti terrorist operations

Hand held metal detectors for security and law enforcing agencies.

  • Gives an audio signal, red LED visual alarm and vibration
  • Available with rechargeable & consumable battery, and auto tuning
  • Contains low battery alarm
  • Reverse battery protection

Walk Through Gate is used for detection of metal contents at security locations. The system works on Induction Balancing (IB) technique. Whenever a metallic object comes within the vicinity of WTS an error signal is produced, which is digitally processed.

  • No. of zones: 06
  • Four LED alarm light bar
  • LCD screen readable in sunlight
  • Remote Controlled
  • Electric Current: AC 21 5-230 V
  • Power less than: 35 W
  • Work environment: -20 C to 55 C

IDS Bullet Proof Jackets (BPJs) are suitable for both military and non-military applications. Bullet Proof Jackets can be used as standalone as well as the protection level can be enhanced to higher levels by using Ballistic plate. State of the art technologies are applied to create new products that combine a higher protection level with less weight and design and manufacture the product according to the customer's needs, in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Parameters Technical specifications
Max Weight (grams) Small 4,000 (Excl. HAPs) + 3,400 (2x HAPs)
Medium 4,500 (Excl. HAPs) + 4,600 (2x HAPs)
Large 5,250 (Excl. HAPs) + 6,000 (2x HAPs)
Material Soft Insert - UHMWPE
Protection Level NIJ LvI III (HAP Stand Alone)
6 xrnds of 7.62 x 25mm Tokarev (TT Pistol) from 5 mtr
6 x rnds of 7.62 x 51SMG G3 Rifle from 15 mtrs
Back Face Trauma Trauma Less than 44mm
Sizes Small, Medium & Large
Pattern / Shade As per User Requirement

lon Mobility Spectrometry based Explosive and Drug detector (IMS EDD) is a portable and rapid response security equipment to detect the presence of certain explosive and drug materials by responding selectively to their traces, IMS EDD is useful for searching trace amount of explosive and drugs struck to surface. This makes IMS EDD for an extensive variety of applications.

  • Military patrols
  • Police patrol
  • Crowed security
  • Parking lots
  • Aircraft, luggage and Cargo
  • VIP meeting points & Locations
  • Stadiums
  • Border crossing


Detects a wide range of explosives like Black Powder, AN, TNT, Tetryl, PETN, Gun Power, NG, RDX, Semtex, Composition B, C4 etc.

Detects a wide range of Drugs like Cocaine Heroin, Morphine, Amphetamines, THC Dehydrogenation Ephedrine Methamphetamine etc.


DETJAM-6500 is a reconfigurable and modular Wide Band Jammer for convoys protection (prevent detonation of IEDs) from all the commercial RF devices used as IEDs.


Frequency Range : 20 MHz- 6 Ghz Threat Devices : GSM, DCS UMTS, LTE, Satellite Phone, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, ISM, GNSS, VHF, UHF

Jamming Technique : Reactive, Sweep, Spot-Sweep & Multi-Spot Jamming Range: >70 ~ 100m [@ RSSI < -35dBM]
>40 ~ 70m [@ RSSI < -25dBm &> -35dBm]

Communication Window: 1x VHF [User Selectable]
Display : Touch Screen
Input Power : 24 VDC
Op Temperature Range : -5O C ~ 500 C (Tolerance + 50 C)

Design Features
  • Reconfigurable architecture with intelligent and hybrid technology
  • Auto adaptive jamming
  • Smart jamming
  • Smart jamming economizing on power consumption
  • Output power 28W to 150 W in each band
  • Over and under voltage/ current protection
  • Compliance to health and safety standards
  • Reconfigurable to meet future emerging threats


BARDA is a ball shaped fire extinguisher. When a fire occurs and no one is present; BARDA will self-activate upon contact with flame within 3-10 seconds and effectively disperse the extinguishing chemicals resulting in extinguishing the fire. Additionally, when it comes in contact with fire, it will give a loud noise as a fire alarm. Because of these features, it can be installed in many fire prone areas such as; above electrical circuit breaker or in a kitchen etc. No special training or skill is required to operate BARDA and no need to face the danger of the fire. No inspection or maintenance is required for the product’s life span of 05 years.

Performance Characteristics
Material Weight: 1.2 ± 0.2Kg
Total Weight: 1.3 ± 0.2Kg
Shape: Ball Type
Diameter: 15cm
Warning Sound: 120dB (Impulse Noise)
Instruction: Fixed position by automatic fire sensor and /or throw in fire area
Ignition: Automatically explodes within 3-5 second after contact with fire.
Effective extinguish area: 2-3 Cubic meter
Lifespan: 5 years