Road to the Future

We believe that the future of defence lies in the vision for innovation, creativity and progression. As a Defence Conglomerate, we are committed to developing cutting-edge solutions that anticipate the needs of our clients and address the most pressing challenges of present arena.

We have a wide-ranging product portfolio for current & future defence requirements of our clients. The product portfolio comprises of an extensive range of systems in the domains of Air, Land, Sea, and NBC Defence & Security

At GIDS, we're proud to be the trend setters in industry, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and creating a safer, more secure future for us all. Below are few of the technologies and products which are currently under development phase and will soon become part of our portfolio:

Air & Air-Defence

Shahpar-III (Group 4+ UCAV)

  • MTOW: 1650 kg
  • 20 hours endurance (armed)
  • Service Ceiling: 35,000 ft (armed)
  • SATCOM (BLOS): 3000 km
  • 06 wing hard points (400 kg – 530 kg)

FAAZ-2: Long Range (BVR) Air to Air Missile

  • Missile Range: 180 km
  • Max Speed: Mach 3.5
  • Seeker Type: Active RF / IIR
  • Target Type: Aircrafts, UAVs, Helicopters

AZB – VI (84) (Range Extension Kit)

  • Warhead: Mk-84 (850-925 Kg)
  • Range: ≤ 100 km
  • GNSS system
  • Accuracy: ≤ 10 CEP

BURQ-II (Air Launched Laser Guided Missile)

  • Effective Range: 2.5 to 12.0 km
  • Weight: ≤ 50 kg
  • Auto-pilot + GPS + Laser Seeker Gimbaled / Fixed Laser Seeker Guidance
  • CEP < 1.5m
  • UCAV & Helicopter platforms

ZUMR-IIID (Day & Night Surveillance & Targeting HD Payload)

  • Full High Definition (FHD) video
  • Multi Imaging sensors (Vis/NIR, SWIR, MWIR)
  • MISB compliant video-stream (metadata in KLV)
  • Gimbal and Image Stabilization
  • 24/7 Mission Capability with Enhanced Imagers
  • Interfaces: INS, Moving Map interface
  • Tracking, Geo-pointing, Geo-referencing
  • GMTI
  • UAVs, Aircrafts & Helicopters platforms

Land Systems

Fatah-II (Surface to Surface Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS))

  • Missile Range: ≤ 250 km
  • Warhead Mass: 150 kg
  • INS + GNSS Guidance
  • CEP < 10m

LOMADS (Air Defence System Fully Autonomous Self-Propelled Truck-Mounted System)

  • Range: 7km – 100 km
  • Altitude: 30m – 20 km
  • Simultaneous targets engage 12
  • Max Target Speed: 0.1 – 3 Mach
  • Max Missile Speed: 5 Mach
  • CFCM, MFR, 6 MLMs with 4 missiles each

Multi-Function Air Defence Radar (MFADR) fully solid state, 3-D Active Phased Array Radar System

  • Automatic detection and tracking targets including helicopters, high-speed attack aircrafts, cruise missiles, and UAVs.
  • integrated IFF and Built In Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Omni Surveillance & Tracking
  • Sector Surveillance & Tracking
  • Multi target tracking
  • Frequency: X Band

ZEERAK-III (Thermal Imaging System)

  • Sensors: IIR (640 x 512, 15µm, Cooled MWIRFPA) , CCD (HD, 1920 x 1080)
  • Integrated Precision Positioning System
  • Integrates long range cooled thermal imaging camera with a powerful daylight sensor, an Automatic Video Tracker, precise Azimuth/Elevation control and optionally a GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass.

GRAD (Low/ Medium Altitude Air Surveillance Radar)

  • Mobile S- band Active Phased Array, 3D Air Surveillance Radar for point and area defence of critical military and civilian assets
  • Advanced ECCM features
  • Detection Range: 100 Km @ 1m2
  • Detection Height: upto 25,000 ft
  • Moving Target Detection Speed: 25-2500 knots without any blind speed
  • Built-in Test Equipment (BITE), IFF, North finding Sensor and Radios

E-SHORADS (FAAZ-SL) Air Defence System

  • Max Range: 20-25 km
  • Max Altitude: 6-8 km
  • Target: Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Cruise missile
  • Truck / Jeep Mounted

Counter UAV System (Cognitive SDR based Technology)

  • ESM and C2 (Omni RF chain)
  • Reconnaissance / interception in both passive and active mode
  • Direction Finding of single / multiple drones at extended ranges
  • RF & GNSS Jamming and Spoofing
  • Detection Range: >75km (Extendable)
  • RF Jamming Range: >50km (Extendable)
  • RADAR AND EO/IR System is also incorporated
  • Hard kill systems integration possible

Forward Observation Artillery Device (FOAD)

  • Hand held Night Vision System built on the impressive capabilities of cooled thermal imaging camera and
  • Ideally suited for day and night perimeter security, border surveillance, law enforcement, search and rescue operations
  • Integrated with GPS, Digital Magnetic Compass and a Laser Range Finder.

Naval Systems


  • Max Run Speed: 35-45 knots
  • Operating Depth: 450m
  • Range: 6-7 km
  • Max Launching speed: 350 knots
  • Target: underwater targets and surface vessels

UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle)

  • Missions: intelligence gathering, mine-hunting and ship hull inspection
  • Operating Depth: <300 m
  • Range: 2 km
  • Speed: ≤ 6 kts
  • Endurance: 4 hours at 3 kts sped

RIBAT ESM System For Sub-Surface Platforms

  • Early warning of target and threat emitters
  • Identify, classify, prioritize, and track Radar emitters
  • Stable system performance in dense EM environment
  • Provides neutral, friendly, unknown and hostile posture of the incoming emitters on the display with NATO symbols.
  • 360° spatial coverage and wide operating frequency range
  • Frequency Filtration function of GSM/3G/4G
  • 100% Probability of Intercept
  • Modular design for easy installation, maintenance and replacement

Automatic Deployment & Retrieval System (ADRS)

  • Automated Deployment and Retrieval System (ADRS) for towed arrays is vital to improve covertness and enhance operational capabilities of the submarine in varied scenarios. The overall deployment and retrieval time is greatly reduced along with reduced human resources required for the activity. Since Towed Array (TA) is the only long range sonar, its wartime availability shall also be made available using Automated Deployment and Retrieval System (ADRS) already developed by GIDS