Nuclear Biological & Chemical Defence Suit

The NBC defence suit provides physical protection against CBW Agents for 24 hours. It provides protection against direct contact with and contamination by radioactive, biological and chemical substances. It is generally designed to be worn over extended periods to allow the wearer to fight while under threat or under actual NBC attack.

High Efficiency Advanced Decontamination System

  • Used for decontamination / detoxification of vehicles, gears, buildings, equipment, terrain and personnel against CBW Agents
  • The equipment consist of high pressure pump and heating system and is capable to spray hot / cold water, steam and decontamination solution over the contaminated area
  • Easy transportation & moveable

Water Purification Plants

Water Purification Systems are used to purify all types of contaminated water from various sources. We have developed BRACKISH as well as SEA WATER purification systems having different capacities which produce water quality as per WHO Standards. Brackish water purification systems include WPP — D650 (capacity — 650 liter/hr, Raw water input - TDS upto 3500 mg/liter) & WPP - D2500 (capacity — 2500 liter/hr, Raw water input -— TDS upto 3500 mg/liter) and NAVY vessels model include Dual Stage Reverse Osmosis Plant ( Stage 1 & 2 capacity — 800 liter/hr, Raw water input —- TDS upto 40,000 mg/liter, Stage 1 Product water Quality — less than 1000 mg/liter & Stage 2 Water Quality less than 2 mg/liter)

  • Easy maintenance & fully automatic
  • Latest & state-of-the-art Ultra Violet system for removal of harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Integrated dispensing system automatically adds Chlorine to prevent re-growth of bacteria in water
  • Setting up and operation of the system in 10 min by just one person
  • System can be easily transported on various platforms like rail, ship, trailer aircraft and helicopter
  • Back-washing of reverse osmosis through CIP system
  • Diesel generator provides the system with electricity