C4I & Air Defence Automation System

  • Scout is a mini UAV System which is designed for portability
  • It is modular, portable, light weight and easy to deploy
  • It is electric powered, capable of completely autonomous flight and carries an electro-optical payload for day time surveillance / reconnaissance
  • Inferring the presence of valid targets form a series of plots and tracks received from different radars
  • Calculating true trajectories of the target in presense of uncertainties imposed by the sensor as well as aircraft dynamics
  • Recognizing and rejecting false targets
  • Successfully tracking and predicting the optimal estimates of the target in the presence of clutter and false alarms
  • Displaying target tracking information
  • Forming correct association between tracks and observation from radars in different environments
  • Successfully tracking the target during extreme condition of fast maneuver, formations, miss detection, cross-overs etc.