Artillery Forward Observer Simulator

PAKSIM , Artillery Forward Observer Simulator (AFOS) is desktop application that provides training for the forward artillery observer in near-real environment in a classroom/simulation lab using indoor realistic scenarios.


  • Provides comprehensive training for Observation Post.
  • Allows simultaneous application of multiple environmental effects.
  • Displays fall of a shot as in actual.
  • Contains adequate land marks/reference points for target indication.
  • Produces numerous blast effects of artillery shells.
  • Sound simulation is realistic.
  • Provides various types of targets.
  • Guides fire planning.
  • Can train trainers as well.

land01 land02

PAKSIM also incorporates ballistic calculator to cater for various artillery shoots according to their respective calibre. This system also has the capability to place 3D models according to their actual scale with respect to terrain and utilizing complete physics like mass gravity and dimensions of that particular model.