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Artillery Fire Control System

PAKFIRE is a modular, reliable, secure, user friendly and fully integrated Artillery Fire Control System that automates all operational functions of artillery and ensures fast and accurate fire on targets. It provides an automated solution for Preparation, Coordination, Dissemination, Execution and Modification of Fire Support Plan, Fire Plan, and Gun programs. It has a scalable system architecture that is suitable for present combat scenarios and can be deployed at all combat echelons. PAKFIRE interfaces with all types of external systems, like radars, meteorological systems, UAVs and Command & Control through wired/wireless media.


Artillery Fire Direction Module receives target information from Forward Observers, Counter Bombardment and Fire Support Organizations. The data of met system and non standard conditions is then added to calculate fast and accurate firing data which is then transmitted to guns and digital message units using wired or wireless media.
Fire Support Planning Module is designed to integrate fire support with the maneuver plan. It assists in the preparation, coordination, dissemination, execution and modification of Fire Support Plan (FSP). All types of GIS functionalities like map navigation, drawing of tactical and military symbols, preparation of operational overlays etc have been incorporated.
Counter Bombardment Module integrates external sensors like Radars, UAVs etc with PAKFIRE for speedy transfer of information. It assists commanders and staff in employment of Locating Resources by providing Software Aids/Tools. It shows various charts, plots, HB List, and CB Task Table generated automatically by the system.
Supporting Functions Module enables Commanders in Allocation, Modification, and Management of resources like Ammunition, Weapons, Vehicles and Manpower.

Operational Features

  • Facilitates Observer in identification/acquisition of targets and passage of fire orders
  • Handles all artillery procedures and functions
  • Computes accurate ballistic data for all types of ammunition
  • Incorporates scanned, vector imagery and 3D terrain maps
  • Available for battery, regiment, divisional and up to operational level configurations
  • Advanced level of networking features to ensure continuous connectivity
  • Ruggedized hardware to work in harsh environmental conditions based on Military specifications