Land Systems
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Pak-IBMS (Rehbar)
Integrated Battlefield Management System

Integrated Battlefield Management System (IBMS) is designed for the operations of amour units in the field to meet the requirements of future battlefield. The user-friendly system provides battlefield awareness through comprehensive land navigation system based on GPS and digitized maps. It enables commanders in mission planning, modification and dissemination of plans, monitoring of battlefield at tactical and operational level, through safe and secure radio network. Pak-IBMS(Rehbar) also facilitates commanders in remote firing of AAMG by auto tracking the aerial and ground targets from inside the tank.

Major Modules

Situational Awareness Module enables war-fighters to see integrated battlefield picture through displays of terrain information in the form of different types of stitched maps with zooming, panning and browsing capability.
Tank commander can determine and display his own position with the help of integrated GPS and broadcast it to friendly elements in the communication range and similarly see other friendly elements in the vicinity.

Combat Messaging System Module enables commanders to exchange critical information/ orders in near real time and save history of messages. It has capability to either select predefined messages or write free-form text messages and transmit it to any individual/group or all participants.

Tactical Mission Planning Module helps commanders to prepare plans, overlays and mark no go areas on digital maps. The plans made during peace time can also be loaded, edited and modified based on intelligent information. The option of automatic saving of plans has also been incorporated to avoid any accidental loss of data. The provision to mark military symbols and add attributes to all types of entities has also been provided.

Operational Features

  • Safe and Secure Information Sharing through adhoc networking of radios
  • Remote Operation of 12.7mm AAMG from inside the tank
  • Driver panel to facilitate driver to follow the correct route with the help of directional bars
  • Auto Target Tracking for Arial and Ground Targets
  • Laser Target Indication to indicate location of the hostile elements and its engagement
  • Ruggedized hardware to work in harsh environmental conditions based on Military specifications