Bullet Proof Jacket

Ballistic Jacket

GIDS indigenously developed Ballistic Jackets are suitable for both military as well as non-military applications. GIDS jackets can be used as a stand alone or with Ballistic plates to further enhance protection levels. State-of-the-art technology is utilized to create a product that combines higher protection level with reduced weight. Our product can also be customized to meet customer's specific needs.

Ballistic Plate

GIDS Ballistic Plates are integration of hard ceramic hexagons, with high molecular weight polyethylene or aramid backing, with optimized composite construction to produce rugged multi-hi armor, reaching protection levels NIJ III plus at the lowest cost. They are available for both stand-alone and non-stand-alone use. Ballistic plates can be used various Ballistic Jackets due to their very high compatibility. State-of-the-art technologies are applied to create new products that combine a high protection level with less weight and design and manufacturing the product according to the customer's needs in a variety of sizes and shapes.

ModelProtection LevelWeight of PlateSize & Weight of Jacket
SBJ-100PK Level IIIA
9 mm Tokarev (TT-30)
Can be upgraded to
Level III-PK when used
with Level III Ballistic Plate
Under 1,700
+ Ceramic Strike Face)
4.0 Kg (Maximum)
TT-30 Tokarev
Can be upgraded to NIJ
Level III plus when used
with Level III Ballistic Plate
Under 1,600
Grams (UHMWPE)
Med: 4.5 Kg (Maximum)
TT-30 Tokarev
Under 2,400
Grams (UHMWPE +
Ceramic Strike Face)
Large: 5.25 Kg (Maximum)
   X-Large: 6.0 Kg (Maximum)

General Qualities / Provisions

  • Opening from sides and collar protection.
  • Able to withstand rough handling in the field.
  • Carrying bag available in nylon/parachute cloth of good quality for safe /prolonged storage /protection.
  • Easy to wear and comfortable over prolonged period.
  • CCD Color.