Baktar Shikan
Anti-tank Guided Missile Weapon System

Baktar Shikan is a second-generation anti-tank missile weapon system which pursues the principle of optical aiming, IR tracking, remotely controlled and wire transmitted guidance signals. The system can quickly be dis-assembled into the following four sub-units, encased missile, tripod, goniometer and control box each weighing not more than 25kg thus making the system man-portable.

It can also be mounted on Cobra attack helicopters and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs). Its long range, penetration power and a powerful anti-jamming capability form a potent defence against armored targets.

Salient Features

  • Day & night firing
  • Anti-ERA capability
  • Long range
  • Quick reaction time
  • High hit probability
  • Greater penetration
  • Rapid rate of fire
  • Anti-jamming capability
  • Easy operation & maintenance

Range3,000 m
Hit Probability>90 %
Penetration Probability90 %
Depth of Penetration500mm HRA (Homogeneous Rolled Armor)
(Standard Warhead)
Depth of Penetration 600 mm HRA
(Tandem Warhead)
Rate of Fire2-3 Rds per minute
Mean Flying Speed220 m/s