lisa - avtr

Airborne Video Tape Recorder

avtrAirborne Video Tape Recorder (AVTR) System is designed for recording of Head up Display (HUD) / Sight View of combat/training aircraft and helicopter applications. The simplified two LRUs Solution is adaptable to any Airborne Platform.

  • avtrMonitor the event when Weapon Release Button is pressed
  • Convert the monitored visual, audio and event mark information into PAL/NTSC format electronics signal and record into Digital 8 / Hi 8 video format
  • Automatically stops recording and indicates to the pilot when the tape ends or presence of dew is detected
  • Automatically switches on the heaters inside the recorder when the temperature is low enough to impair the video quality
  • Introduction of two layers of shock mounts provide protection against a wide range of low and high frequency vibrations
  • Adaptable for installation on any airborne platform due to its compact state-of-the-art design