Automatic Fire Control System
Up-gradation of 37mm Anti Aircraft Gun

The original 37mm twin barrel AD gun has been upgraded in order to meet the present combat threats. The upgraded gun with its new firing system gives a unique combination of modern technology resulting in a very reliable weapon system. Capable to track high speed targets coupled with auto ranging. The gun can be operated in three modes, i.e. joystick, handheld fire control and laser aiming sight.

  • Sunlight viewable alpha numeric displays
  • Provision of interfacing with multiple guns (optional)
  • Off Gun tracking of target for stability
  • Computer aided leveling
  • Smart electronics for gun control
  • Power electronics for motors
  • Limit switch for safety arc range
  • Emergency stop
  • Motors for azimuthal & elevation movements
  • Horizontal and vertical shaft encoder
  • Fire safety switch