Anza MK 2

Anza MK- II
Surface to Air Guided Missile

Anza MK-II missile weapon system is a Second Generation, Shoulder Launched, Man-Portable Short Range Air Defense System effective against low altitude air borne targets. Under visual conditions the weapon can intercept and attack fighters, fighter-bombers, strike aircrafts and armed helicopters omni-directionally.

The fire and forget Anza MK-II employs a Passive Infrared Seeker to home-in on its air borne target and needs no guidance from the operators to maintain lock on the target. This allows the operators to take cover or immediately get ready for engaging other targets.

Guidance Principle

Anza MK-II missile features proportional navigation and end-phase lead bias techniques which are the prevailing guidance techniques of portable missiles. Proportional navigation enables the missile to an end-phase collision course approximately like a straight line towards the tail flame behind the aircraft body and not toward the aircraft body. The end-phase leading bias of the control system diverts the missile's flying direction toward the front of the target's infrared source to hit the body, hence enhancing the lethal/kill probability of the missile.

Flying Speed

Propulsion System of Anza MK-II adopts a separable structure that drops the launch motor and retains a dual thrust flight-motor (booster + sustainer) in order to reduce the unnecessary weight during flight. The flight-motor composes of high-density composite propellant enabling high-flying speed up to 600 m/sec.

Firing Control

Anza MK-II launching mechanism adopts strict firing control regime and can operate in manual as well as in automatic mode distinguished by firing unit.

  • High hit probability
  • Fire and forget
  • High maneuverability
  • All-directioin attack
  • Wide attacking area
  • Accurate guidance