ACMI System
Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation System


The ACMI system is designed to be range-less and can be operated without any restriction in any area. The system records the "Time Space Position Information" (TSPI) of all the aircrafts involved in the training exercises along with their essential parameters onto removable data storage.

  • An effective training tool for combat pilots
  • Capture of weapon deployment events
  • Exchange of data between the participating aircraft using realtime data link
  • Notification to pilots of weapon event results such as hit and miss for missiles for real time kill removal functionality
  • Real time warning to the pilots such as collision kill/miss etc.
  • Recording of time syncronized relevant information for post mission debriefing replay like Chaff/Flare Dispenser, RWR, EW etc.
  • Post launch missile fly out and bombing accuracy calculations
  • The system is installed on Mirage / F-7P / F-16 aircraft